“Berlin Agreement”

At our Assembly on November 11th, we officially started the “Berlin Agreement”. It’s a short common text (written in a style similar to the climate agreement of governments), plus an individual part (your remarks and answers to the 3 questions).

We’re inviting you to sign and participate until the end of this year! Sign as an individual of local project and Write down your “pledge” for 2018, and, if you want to, short answers to all 3 questions (= individual part of the Berlin Agreement)…


1. Common Part

Making the climate better in Berlin, ecologically & socially!

Being, city inhabitants and local projects in Berlin,

Having, a common concern: the double crisis of climate change and social climate that threaten the possibility of a good life for all, and the insufficient action of governments,

Seeing, the need for a progressive and collective response, the need to accelerate the transition towards sustainability in the cities, locally and by the people,

We agree to act ourselves – each of us in our own way – for:

1. a common goal

to make our common city, Berlin, a climate friendly city where we live together in solidarity and sustainability, the transition happening in the speed and scope necessary;

2. a common process

to further unfold
our common potential, to connect, inspire and empower each other and invite others to join, starting by coming together at the end of each year for a Conference of Berlin (COB), where we will:

a) annually take stock of progress towards the common goal, and what needs to be done
b) annually communicate individually determined contributions for a better climate (both ecologically and socially) which we intend to do in the coming year
c) annually deliberate about how we can support each other in the coming year and beyond, and how we can involve more people

3. a common principle

to realize this as a common platform for free communication and collaboration in equity (neither does participation imply one agrees to all actions of others, nor shall one claim to speak for others), open for all who want to contribute with their own actions to a better climate and a good life for all.

Our actions shall begin without delay and be conducted as a matter of urgency.
Done in Berlin at the eleventh day of November two thousand and seventeen.

2. Individual Part

Your remarks and amendments you want to make to the common text before signing, and your answers to 3 questions (max. 350 words each)

a) What is the state of affairs in Berlin, what should happen, what can we do?
b) * mandatory: What do you want contribute for a better climate in Berlin in 2018? Write down a “pledge” of what you will do in your every day life / with your project for a better climate, both ecologically (reducing green house gas emissions in Berlin) and socially (strengthening our solidarity in Berlin)? “In 2018, I/We will…”
c) What can we do to support each other and involve more people?

3. Sign

Sign as an individual, group or organization. If you sign as an individual, you can abbreviate your name, and share your pledge and ideas anonymously.

3. My / Our answers to the 3 questions (max 350 words each)

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