23 years ago in Berlin, governments started the first world climate conference. By now, there is the “Paris Agreement”, which aims to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change. However, sufficient action is still not in sight – especially not in times of authoritarian and right wing movements on the rise, the social climate seems to be in danger as well.

This year, we (people & local projects in Berlin) come together to start our own climate conference. While governments will be meeting again, this time in Bonn, we want to strengthen our local response to the double (ecological & social) crises of climate. Because it’s time to act with a sense of urgency, find ways to unfold our collective potential, and accelerate the transition towards sustainability in our cities, locally and bottom-up… 

Conference of Berlin #1

What can we do to make things better here in Berlin now and in the coming years?

a self organized climate conference by & for people in Berlin
November 5th-18th, parallel to the World Climate Conference (COP23)

COB#1 is an open invitation extended to people & local projects who want to make the climate better in Berlin. Let’s start our own climate conference, let’s start the conversation and kick-off the next steps!

3 Questions

How do you want to contribute to creating a better climate in Berlin in 2018 in your own everyday life / with your own project? What is the state of affairs in Berlin, what should happen, what can we do? What can we do to support each other and involve more people beyond our ‘bubbles’?

Assembly on November 11th

Let’s, “officially,” set ourselves a common goal: to make Berlin a climate friendly city where we live in solidarity and sustainability, publicly “pledge” our individually determined contributions for a better climate in 2018, and pass the Berlin Agreement

2 Weeks

Night Café & self organized workshops and actions…  every evening open space at Baumhaus project space. Come by for informal conversations, meet new people, discuss the three questions, share your answers and perspectives and ideas!

Join & Spread the word!

COB#1 is a rather informal and cozy start of a common process that can grow. We’re inviting you to already start thinking about what should happen at COB#2. We’ll organize information meetings every three months, starting in December 2017. We want to initiate a common platform and new tradition: annual self organized climate conferences of city inhabitants (and if you happen to live in an other city, we’re inviting you to participate there next year)…